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The SugarLove


"We will inspire you to find your inner sugarist!"

We proudly train Esthetician's all over the USA & world how to sugar!  Using our own secret family recipe, handmade locally in San Rafael, CA using USDA certified ingredients from California! 

SugarLove's organic cold sugaring training focuses on the cold sugaring method. You can also warm SugarLove at ultra low tempuratures, and use warm yet maintain all the benefits of cold sugaring.

Cold paste is formulated differently, so performs best cold, warm pastes are designed to be used warm. Any experienced or certified sugarist can pick up our sugar paste and use it with just a few small adjustments in method. Our sugaring certificate teaches our, SugarLove Cold Sugaring Technique.

We allow purchase of all of our sugaring products with no required sugaring certificate, just your license, and proof of malpractice insurance. This is to create ease for spas, two of our cold pastes can also be used for organic waxing when heated to room temp.

We allow you to train your employees or esthetic students at no additional cost. They will not be certified, but we are creating an option for this soon for schools and spas to be in house teachers with a certificate.


We do not encourage Estheticians to learn sugaring on their own, hands-on coaching is a must to become a pro-sugarist. But I have had miracle workers, who have learned the basics through our free webinars, videos and free 30min skype sessions!

We have fantasic video library SEE NOW. We offer lots of free easy to access education, don't miss our free weekly webinars in Esthetician Talk SEE NOW

Xoxo love to all my hard working and amazing Estheticians!!!



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