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Jessa's Sugaring Webinars!

Jessa's free professional sugaring webinars are fun, interactive and will evoke your inner sugarist!
Live webinars to comment and participate "live" in Esthetician Talk JOIN NOW with Jessa:
Our organic cold sugaring paste is available to licensed professionals only. We highly recommend you choose our 2-Day Sugaring Certificate program to begin sugaring in your spa or salon, you can sign up for online or hands-on classes in cities all across the USA.

SugarLove Ultra-Low Heat Warmer

How to use warming sugar paste.

How to use sugar waxing.

Live Recorded 8/30/16

SugarLove Professional Sugaring Product Knowledge Class | Live Recorded 8/27/16

Cold vs Warm Sugar, Sugaring vs Waxing, Demo of Cold Sugaring 3 Different Ways to Use! | Live Recorded 8/29/16

Brow & Lip Sugaring DIY

Learn the basics of Brow and Lip sugaring as Jessa sugars herself!

How To Sugar with a Large Sugaring Tool or Spatula! | Live Recorded 8/28/16

DIY Underarms, Jessa does her own!

Have a minute inbetween clients? Underarms looking wild? Do it yourself!

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