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The Art of

Body Sugaring

SugarLove Professional Cold Sugaring Paste is bringing back the original most traditional form of hair removal. Used thousands of years before any other hair removal method exsisted.


We dare you to go get sugared because,

"If you get sugared, you won't go back to wax!"

Founder of SugarLove is Jessica "Jessa" Roberts AKA Jessa Esthetician after spending almost a decade sugaring and formulating skincare products, she created her own organic sugar paste!  Her cold sugaring technique and rich molasses colored sugar is so unique that; it has the sugaring world buzzing, what is cold vs warm sugar? Through over 10 million of views on YouTube and hands-on training certifications going on all over the world, Jessa has put cold sugaring on the map to stay.


"Made by an esthetician for estheticians."


We now have thousands of professionals all over the world carrying SugarLove and loving it!  One of Jessa's missions is to mentor young estheticians, teaching them everything she knows to help them become a booming business!

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She loves to hear from estheticians and conducts live webinars on her,

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SugarLove was designed to mimic the original form of sugaring with no warmers. 


After studying family recipes, and sugaring paste origins we believe cold paste is the formula used thousands of years ago and is,


"The formula of the future!"

It’s also a “two-fer” or even 'three-fer", what does that mean? It can be used as a wax or with a sugaring tool too! 

LEARN MORE NOW Webinar | Sugar vs Wax, Cold vs Warm Sugar, Demo of 3 ways to use sugar paste

We have built a network of highly skilled trainers to help us educate you.  We provide regular classes, one-on-one, live skype training and free monthly webinars. To continue your interactive learning experience also join our group Esthetician Talk link above, friend Jessa now.


"Let us guide you to Sweet Success!"



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