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Professional Sugaring Training Videos!

Jessa's free professional sugaring tutorials will help you become the sugarist you were meant to be!
Our organic sugaring paste is available to licensed professionals only. We highly recommend you choose our 2-Day Sugaring Certificate program to begin sugaring in your spa or salon, you can sign up for online or hands-on classes in cities all across the USA.
SugarLoveTM offers the best in on-going "live" interactive education, through our live webinars, trainers, school partnerships, social media like Facebook, Instagram, Webinars and YouTube tutorials you will be on the cutting edge of the latest in sugaring and on the edge of your seat waiting for our weekly interactive classes/videos!

Lower Leg Sugaring Speed Sugaring

How to sugar lower legs.

Full Face Sugaring Speed Sugaring

How to sugar a full face.

Speed Sugaring Half Arms

How to speed sugar half arms!

Eyebrow Sugaring Speed Sugaring

How to sugar eyebrows.

11 Minute Brazilian Speed Sugaring

How to perform a speedy brazilian. 


Eyebrow Sugaring #2

How to sugar eyebrows.

Full Back Speed Sugaring

How to perform a full back sugar.

Half Arm DIY

Practice Speed Sugaring Lower Arm. 

Speed Sugaring Underarms

How to speed sugar underarms with a sweaty model.

Full First Time Brazilian Female

How to perform a first time brazilian.


Large Sugaring Spatuala Demo

How to use the SugarLove Large Sugaring Tool.

Full Legs DIY

Practice Speed Sugaring on Full Legs.

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