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Cold vs Warm


"SugarLove's cold sugaring technique, is opening up a whole new world of sugaring!"


Cold sugar has some amazing benefits compared to its cousin warm sugar.  Jessa created SugarLove a cold sugaring paste by accident, while working on a professional warm sugaring formula.  After comparing her warm and cold formulas it was clear that SugarLove's cold sugar was superior.


"It was a miracle, when I realized cold sugar made sugaring so much easier!" ~Jessa

Jessa quickly realized her cold sugar formula eliminated all of her complaints about sugaring. Which she thought was impossible after spending several years using other warmed formulas.

SugarLove's unique cold sugar & cold sugaring training techniques can't be found anywhere else.

Cold Sugar Sweet Benefits:

  • Molding Your Sugar Less- You will never need to mold more than 1-2 times per area with SugarLove's cold paste, cutting your service times in half! Cold sugar seeps much faster than warm sugars due to it's unique cool formula. The majority of warmed formulas require 3 molds per area.

  • Speed Sugaring - You will be able to speed sugar thanks to SugarLove's smooth buttery consistency the entire service combined with less molding 1-2 times!

  • Use Less Paste- Cold sugar allows you to work through the entire service without adjusting your paste 95% of all services. Warm sugars need to be adjusted more often, they are more prone to becoming stiff, so you have to throw away half your ball or adjust with water.

  • Easy to Hold, Hard to Drop or Get Stuck- Cold sugar starts off cool to the touch and slightly firm, yet still pliable, making it easy to hold and hard to get stuck. When you begin sugaring cold sugar is much easier to learn with! Warm sugars start soft, making them hard to control and easy to get stuck during first time use, hard for new sugarists to begin with.

  • More Ways To Get Unstuck- Cold sugar gets you unstuck with ease! Use fresh cold paste right over the top of the stuck spot, it will come right off. You cannot use a heated paste to get unstuck, you will only get more stuck.

  • No More Warmer, Mobile - Say goodbye to costly warmers, and long heating times! Do you have a mobile business? Need to do a quick eyebrows on-site for makeup or a wedding? SugarLove's cold paste is the answer. Warm sugar requires warming 90% of the time, not mobile friendly.

  • The Formula Cold + 100% Organic - Our secret formula SugarLove's Cold Sugaring Paste uses: 100% USDA certified, organic sugar, molasses, lemon juice and water. Organic sugar contains molasses naturally, conventional sugar does not. Some sugar paste formulas are made of GMO sugar, non-GMO sugar pastes are the only earth-friendly choice.

  • Long Shelf Life - SugarLove cold paste maintains a 2.5yr+ shelf life on unopened sugars, we have never had a jar reported with crystals, even with storage after opening. 100% Organic ingredients are more stable because they are not highly processed. Formulas which contain citric acid, or sugar with it's molasses removed by chemical process, contribute to de-stabalizing the formula, crystalization and pre-mature expiration are more common due to being over processed.


"Cold Sugaring eliminated every problem I ever had with sugaring." ~Jessa

Cold VS Warm Sugaring Chart


  1. MOLDING YOUR SUGAR | COLD 1-2 times | VS | WARM 3 times |

  2. SUGAR ADJUSTMENTS | COLD almost never| VS | WARM more often |

  3. THUMB TWIRLING | COLD almost never | VS | WARM very often |

  4. COLOR | COLD dark color hides hair | VS | WARM light color shows hair |

  5. ORGANIC | COLD SugarLove 100% organic sugar + lemon juice| VS | WARM avoid citric acid & GMO sugar buy Organic! |

  6. HEATING | COLD no heat, mobile, warming optional | VS | WARM heated not mobile, expensive warmer required |

  7. GETTING UNSTUCK | COLD more options, easy to get unstuck | VS | WARM harder to get unstuck |

  8. STAYS PLIABLE | COLD the entire service | VS | WARM usually stiffens up quickly |

  9. SUGAR FOR EACH SERVICE | COLD use less sugar | VS | WARM use more sugar |

  10. SPEED SUGARING | COLD very fast beats waxing & other sugar formulas | VS | WARM usually takes longer than waxing |

  11. NEW SUGARISTS | COLD easy to hold & hard to get stuck| VS | WARM hard to hold & easier to get stuck |




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