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We are seeking venues open to explore hosting where there would be mutual benefit. Please see our class

Venues:  Spacious spas, cosmetology schools are our preferred venues, we will also consider massage, yoga and healing centers.  Most welcomed are those who are interested in or offer waxing or sugaring, especially if there is an individual / team with potential interest in becoming a regional trainer.


Hosting Agreement, by becoming a host you agree to the following:


  • Host Payment: Each host will receive $250 for 2-Day Class or $125 for 1-Day Class, this will be paid as a class credit only. Host fee will be waived, host will not be compensated:  *if you are hosting to become a trainer *if minimum students are not met (6) *class is booked privately *must book class 3 months in advance and allow us to advertise on our website (space capacity must be 6-12 students).

  • Space Requirements: One spacious room that can hold a group of 6-12 students, 1 Primary Trainer and 1 Assistant (if needed).

  • Massage Tables: Must provide 3-5 Massage Beds with room for a student on each side of the table, enough room to move around each table.

  • Timing Requirements:  Day-1 is 9:30 AM– 6:30 PM ( for 10-6 class)  & Day-2 is 9:30 AM - 4 PM (for 10-3 class). Normally held on a Sunday & Monday.

  • Supplies: 1-2 rolls of paper towels, 2 pairs of tweezers, wax mats or old sheets/towels enough for 2-3 changes per table, air conditioning/heating, wifi connection, light snacks.

  • Cancellation:  Venue must be canceled 60 DAYS in advance, no exceptions beyond natural disaster. We work very hard promoting classes and booking travel accommodations it can be very costly to cancel last minute.


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